Old County Cellars.
We were at a dinner party when another guest who we hadn’t met before brought an
unlabeled bottle of Pinot Noir and said it was “home made”. Thoughts of having to pretend
how good it was immediately gave way to “Wow, this is really TERRIFIC!” after the first sip.
I told them I was in the graphic design industry. They now have a logo and actual labels.
Meyer Block Winelawyers.
It doesn’t get much better than being involved with a Napa-based company.
Our affection (some might call it weakness) for wine is legendary.
New logo. New identity. New website. Cheers.
Bath by Nature.
What do creative directors Laurie Weber and Mark Galarneau do for fun?
They launch a Lake Tahoe boutique bath retail store in the Village at Northstar.